[quote user="casvdry"][quote user="TheBookOfEli"]Only our WR's and Dline stand out? Our Elite QB doesn't stand out to you?

Admit it, you know you think that goofy looking guy is an Elite QB.[/quote]

Well, to me, Eli is in the perfect situation. I think I'm a little bitter about the whole thing to be honest with you. Eli makes improbable plays to be sure and I'm a bit jealous that Romo can't have a team like the Giants around him. Romo has more or less wasted his career away on a team that rarely gives him all that much help. Not a perfect QB to be sure, but Romo could certainly go all the way in my opinion.

[/quote]I can understand that.. I agree that romo is serviceable.. & is capable of a good playoff run, but his supporting cast not to shabby at all. Great TE, Great HB, 3 very good WRs, stud RT...
Your team has a culture issue,, Coaching is your teams main problem