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    Re: Well, congratulations.

    Thanks CAS - its just insane for me to see people still not give Eli the right amount of credit - but hell if i were a boys fan I wouldnt want to one bit either - just getting undeniable at this point. He may look like clark kent but he plays like superman (actually clark would be an improvement. )

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    Re: Well, congratulations.

    [quote user="giantyankee1976"][quote user="GMenNY21"]So ELI MANNING is not in the stand out category! LMAO..... Nice half a s s ed compliment![/quote]

    go easy, its hard for Romonites to praise Eli.


    Well yeah, but not for the reason you would think. I'm not jealous of Eli Manning's ability or even clutch performance. But his luck is something I wish Romo had. I've seen close games like yesterdays match with the Cowboys, where Romo will play outstanding for the whole game but make 2 mistakes in it's entirety (like say, the Jets game) and in the end, those two mistakes will cost the Cowboys the game. Meanwhile, Eli can throw two easy should-have-been interceptions in his own end, but is bailed out by what equates to sure dumb luck.

    In fact, the first near interception he threw resulted in the Niners starting corner being knocked out of the game and replaced by the guy who would later give up a TD. Essentially, Manning's mistake was game changing in a positive way for the Giants... Gah!

    Haha but seriously, congratulations. It was a hard fought game and the Giants took advantage of the opportunities presented to them. I was going to start my own thread this morning but saw that Cas already had one going so I decided to piggy back.

    Manning is a great QB. He's gotten better every year since 2007, and when he has protection he is just as dangerous as anyone.

    And the Giants are starting to play the kind of football I thought they could at the beginning of the season. They don't have the best or most dangerous offense. They don't have the best or most tenacious defense. But they have a good combination of strength in both. Not many teams have that in today's NFL.

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