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Thread: Devn Thomas MVP

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    Devn Thomas MVP

    Fact....he won the game today

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    Re: Devn Thomas MVP

    Devis was awesome - but no one man wins a game. Hell if J will doesnt make the hit there is no fumble. All the credit in the world to D Thomas - but give it up for Cruz, Eli, Kiwi, JPP. BECKUM, Weatherford, Tynes, Coach Coughlin, Tuck and Chase.

    You win and lose as a team.

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    Re: Devn Thomas MVP

    I have been very happy with the signing of Devin Thomas. He is a very good special teams player. I was surprised when we took return duties out of his hands. However as a gunner he has been invaluable. I wish we could use him more at wide receiver in the future. Either way he has proven that he was a very solid pick-up. He won the Redskins game last year with his play on special teams. He really came up BIG for us in this championship game.

    Go Giants !!!

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