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    3 Point Dogs to open

    ....that's ok.......

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    Re: 3 Point Dogs to open

    That's okay?!? Are you kidding -- we LOVE being the 'dogs! We've got the Pats right where we want them!

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    Re: 3 Point Dogs to open

    Perfect, we are better off being the 'dogs.

    I believe that line will go down though. I think a lot of money is going to be put on the GIANTS.

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    Re: 3 Point Dogs to open

    Doesn't home team automatically get 3 points? Or is it irrelevant for super bowl since it's played at a neutral site (Pats are designated home team)

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    Re: 3 Point Dogs to open

    If you plan on betting Giants you better get them in next day or 2. Heavy sharp money will come in on them quick.

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    Re: 3 Point Dogs to open

    Better than the last time lol. Weren't we like 14 point dogs the last time?

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    Re: 3 Point Dogs to open

    woof woof woof
    wag wag wag

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