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    its Amazing..this forum..

    About a month ago, 90 percent of this forum was giving us no shot and saying we have no shot of beating the Jets/cowboys and making the playoffs.

    A month ago, I made this account just to make a POST saying that we will crush the jets and cowboys and that we will go far in the playofsf. I came to tell yall to believe and that we def will do this..shotout to all the fans that kept their heads high and believed.

    All you need is a lil faith guys!

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    Re: its Amazing..this forum..

    I'm right there with you, I got flamed for my optimism after the redskins game
    They said Brady and the Patriots couldn't be beat, Eli did it twice, how's that for Elite?

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    Re: its Amazing..this forum..

    I'm a pessimist sometimes, I eat my crow, but I never show my pessimism here.

    Here's to not believing at some points... I eat my crow


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    Re: its Amazing..this forum..

    Man I never gave up on the team...but I did think about the future if the Giants if they did not win the division.

    To be real after the Skins game it was hard not to be down.

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    Re: its Amazing..this forum..

    dude, the rest of us are in other threads (for me they've been reese threads tonight) eating crow and being glad about it.

    you're on here to try and teach us all a lesson?


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    Re: its Amazing..this forum..

    I also showed full support for this team since preseason. I remember people getting on me because I felt Ballard could replace Boss. People on this board get over dramatic sometimes, I know, I used to complain about Eli early in his career. Glad I was wrong about him.

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    Re: its Amazing..this forum..

    nice OP. i agree. i cant blame others for doubting bc they did have valid points. what got me was when people were saying it was bc of the qb play...

    i never doubted, and I mean it wasnt rocket science but I believed if the d and run game could just play half as good as their potential itd be a lock and sure enough, the d played lights out and the rest is history.

    when i saw that d vs the jets, i had no reservations about saying we'd destroy dallas by a few possessions, destroy atlanta and it wouldnt be close, i made a post about how GB hadnt had to face any real adversity and that we would go up a couple scores vs them and doubted they'd be able to keep up.

    i thought we'd win today by a couple possessions too 28-17, but i under estimated the 9er defense. it really was lights out, very impressive d...BUT, not as impressive as ours.

    this trip aint over yet, we got one more win left.

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    Re: its Amazing..this forum..

    I'll eat some serious crow, this team has far exceeded my expectations. In the defense off the pessimists, after the way the team looked at the end of the Saints game it was pretty hard to imagine this run.

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    Re: its Amazing..this forum..

    Well 420 hate to call you out but your still bashing KG - apparently you are not a fan of top ten offenses ALMOST EVERY YEAR WITH TEAM and 2 superbowls appearances - apparently we do that without him - cmon dude you are bashing us still - amazing.

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    Re: its Amazing..this forum..

    [quote user="dave56dj"]Well 420 hate to call you out but your still bashing KG - apparently you are not a fan of top ten offenses ALMOST EVERY YEAR WITH TEAM and 2 superbowls appearances - apparently we do that without him - cmon dude you are bashing us still - amazing.[/quote]

    huh? i have always been vocal about KG's system, that said we won it with him in 07. and actually i had always maintained we could make a run if the d would show up.

    but i dont deny that i have called out KG before and will do so again. but i always said we could win in spite of him. im not a fan of his offensive system in all honesty bc i felt that it relies on adjusting to what the defense does as opposed to us forcing the defense to adjust to what we do.

    but hey its all good, there are plenty of posters who have read and conversed with me in the posts i've made stating i knew this team could make a run, the d just had to play better. and they did

    and who am i bashing again? i havent even made a kg post in like 5 months

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