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Thread: Devin Thomas

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    Devin Thomas

    I don't know why they removed him from returning kickoffs. He had one bad fumble but that doesn't mean they should have replaced him with Jernigan. I don't get it. Thomas was a lot better at returning kicks.

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    Re: Devin Thomas

    They need Scott back there!

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    Re: Devin Thomas

    No one has provided a big return all year. Jernigan hasn't looked too bad. At least, he has the speed to break one.
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    Re: Devin Thomas

    [quote user="Voldamort"]They need Scott back there![/quote]

    I agree, he was with the team,but I don't think he was dressed. what is that all about???????
    Tom must know something we don't.

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    Re: Devin Thomas

    Scott was hurt,but now I think he is heathly?

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    Re: Devin Thomas

    Scott has been inactive for the last couPle games but hes healthy

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    Re: Devin Thomas

    [quote user="Mercury"]No one has provided a big return all year.* Jernigan hasn't looked too bad.* At least, he has the speed to break one.

    ya but at least devin would get close and bring it out to the 40 once and awhile.

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    Re: Devin Thomas


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