[quote user="CTLadyBlue"]Man, if you're still holding a 4-year grudge, then you need to get into therapy - STAT!

Thing is - we have NOTHING on the line for this Superbowl - other than possibly losing. We have no stats to make, no perfect season to accomplish. As many have said, we're playing with 'house money' because we weren't supposed to make it this far. IMO, if we beat you in 2 weeks, I'll be on a cloud. If we lose, I can't say that I'm in any way disappointed with this team who was supposed to have been 'done' six weeks ago.

You want vengence, then you'll have to earn it. Our defense will not make it easy. And our offense just stood toe- to -toe with the NFLs best defense - more importantly, we didn't give the ball away to a D that specialized in take-aways all season. If our offense can have that kind of success against the best D, then we can certainly have it against the Pats'.

You guys better bring your A game on both sides because we certainly are - and then some![/quote]


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