[quote user="giantman8493"][quote user="EliBlowsCruz"][quote user="giantman8493"][quote user="EliBlowsCruz"]Pats dont lose to a team more than once a season sorry boys eli is a manning and is due for a choke[/quote]Pats can and will lose. The entire AFC is awful. Honestly number 1 seed in acf does not mean anything. You beat Joe Flacco. lol good accomplishment.[/quote]Lmao really you guys beat alex smith lol the mans been a loser for 5 years[/quote]Well he had a MUCH better season then Flacco did. Not even close. You realize the pats have a AWFUL D. They playyed the broncos and the Ravens so the pats d looked good. A ufl defense can look good against them.[/quote]our offense will win it