[quote user="patsrule666"][quote user="miked1958"]Was the OP ever Man enough to come back on here and face the Music?[/quote]eh.. I have come to realize that there are three kinds of Pats fans. The old timers who suffered through years of either lousy or mediocre teams. They tend to be more appreciative of what we have been able to accomplish and are more respectfull....Then you have the younger generation of fans tht are spoiled and expect to win all the time and cant accept the fact that just making it to the Super Bowl is a huge accomplishment...I will give you two guesses as to which one this fella probably is....[/quote]</P>

Just like Red Sox fans. </P>

Fan #1, old time, been around the block and appriciate what they have now (well, maybe not right now but in the 2000's winning 2 WS). They know the game well, and are actually good people to talk to. </P>

Fan #2, They "Since 2004 Bandwagon fans". These are the most annoying fans in the world. There were never any Red Sox fans around pre 2004, no pick Sox hats, no collar popped ******bag BoSox fans getting hammered and screaming Sweet Caroline in the streets where I am from. Then 2004 happened and the world nearly ended. ******s everywhere. And since have been disappearing because they havent won a playoff game since 2008. </P>

Fan #3, Fans that jumped on the bandwagon after the WS wins and go bananas after a loss yelling screaming fire everyone, trade this bum, blah blah blah. These are the fans that wanted Tito gone, forgetting he was the main reason they won. The same fans want Youk gone because new younger guys are coming up. Big mistake. </P>

Id put the OP in the Fan #2 category. Onl;y to re emerge next time the Pats are in the playoffs and winning.</P>