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    Quote Originally Posted by TheAnalyst View Post
    Awesome thread, let me add this guy I found on the internet...

    Best thing ever!

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    This is, by far, my favorite thread out of any thread I've seen on giants.com or NFL.com. My ex and my best friend are both patriot fans, and I link this thread to them at least once a month for my personal entertainment.

    "WE STOMPED YOU OUT" - 92, Hall of Fame Class of 2014

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    This thread gets the slow clap




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    its alllways fun to read this when your bored....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patriots18N1 View Post
    Yeah, it's sour grapes. I'll admit it. Can you blame me?
    We were the first and only team to go 16-0 in the regular season. We went 17-0. We went 18-0.
    And we didn't just barely do it... we did it in spectacular fashion. We were hailed as the greatest football team in the history of the NFL. We shattered just about every offensive record their was to break. We took spiteful allegations of cheating and rammed it ruthlessly down everyones throats.
    We were absolutely unstoppable. We were going to force the entire world to say that we were the indisputable greatest football team that ever existed.

    And you took it all away from us with quite easily the biggest bunch of lucky BS i've ever seen in my entire life. You didn't deserve to win that Superbowl - we did. We were supposed to go 19-0 and that was the way it was supposed to happen. You have no idea how emotionally devastating that loss was to us...

    I'm sure you're laughing about this post so far. That's fine. I'm not afraid to be honest. You know who the New England Patriots are and so I have no reason to be insecure about my football team.

    I really don't even want to "talk smack" to you. I did it with the Broncos. I did it with the Ravens. I don't even want to with you. It's honestly beyond tha

    I just want to be honest.

    I want to break your hearts.

    I don't even want a competitive, entertaining Superbowl that goes down as an epic rematch.

    I hope it's a blow out. I hope everything that can go wrong for you does go wrong for you.
    I hope the Patriots sideline celebration can begin by the start of the 3rd quarter. I hope you have to play 30 minutes of football looking at the scoreboard and already knowing you lost. I hope by the 4th you don't even want to watch it anymore.

    I hope we humiliate you. I hope we break your hearts. I hope we make you hate football on Superbowl Sunday.

    I don't want to go into why you beat us this season. I don't want to dwell on the fact that Brady was injured, or that we were playing 3rd and 4th string players, or that Sergio Brown had no business playing cornerback and handed you the game with the PI in the endzone.

    I know that isn't the Patriots you'll be playing in two weeks and so do you.

    I just want to embarrass you. I want you to have reason to hate us in ways you cannot even fathom right now. I want to destroy you so badly that the NFL agrees that you didn't even deserve to be there - that Kyle Williams handed an inferior team a trip to the Superbowl.

    I want to crush your spirits.

    I don't normally invest a lot of emotion in any NFC teams, positive or negative, but I hate the Giants. I'll never forgive them.

    I hope we break your hearts.
    I just love the misery of this fan every time I read this post. He really has to be in pain, " want to crush your spirits ", wow !

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    Quote Originally Posted by derekunion28 View Post
    its alllways fun to read this when your bored....
    LOL ! You read my mind bro !

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    Their pain is our pleasure.

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    the pats are stuck in a time warp...your day is done...time to rebuild....

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    Red face

    again, thank you wes welker

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    Having a rough day.... needed a pick me up. This did the trick. Go Giants.
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