[quote user="Spizi"]The Giants are known for their pass rush up front and it will be in need of an upgrade after next year. Why? Because after next year Osi will be gone, and Tuck will be 30 and coming into a contract year. If you draft a DE now he will be ready to replace Osi when he leaves.

Who do you guys like?[/quote] WHitney mercilus is a dream scenario for me so that tells u how i feel about it.. I think this "stock your positon of power even when it seems stocked because its what your good at" method that Jerry Reese seems to like to use is working for us and WHitney is the exact kinda player that can keep the run of DE's and Dt's that are game changers going for us.. Strahan an Keith "hammer" Hamilton to Tuck and Osi and Cofield to Kiwi and JPP and now Linval to Whitney mercilus(hopefully).. Thats our philosophy and with injuries and what not u need to keep stocking the positons that make u successful and basically since 2000 the Dline has been our bread and butter..