[quote user="nycsportzfan"][quote user="slipknottin"][quote user="Shockeyitus"]I like the Crick pick and if he is around in round 4... he is definately worth grabbing. Like you said, he is versitile and can play DE/DT. Reminds me of a poor mans JJ Watt.[/quote]

theres still talk of crick being a first rounder. probably more of a 2nd rounder, but falling to the end of the fourth round just is not going to happen[/quote] ya* there is no way Crick goes even to the end of RD 3 let alone RD 4..* Hes at worst a mid to late 2nd rder with late 1st possiblity.. Shoot even the giants are a possiblity for Crick in RD 1..

A healthy Crick, absolutely. But, with his injury, if he can't go at the combine, I can see GM's shying away.

Great prospect for the Giants though: versatile, ferocious hitter, fluid, and very high character. I'd give him the Tuck treatment; situational inside rusher (just think of him and Austin stunting while Tuck and JPP come off the edges, and Kiwi blitzes), and brought along as LDE as Tuck ages.