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    Unsung Heroes Last Night

    I thought Devin Thomas and Sean Weatherspoon had a great game last night. Special Teams play was very special last night. Devin Thomas was very smart and came up with all the loose balls against a team that doesnt turnover the ball. Sean Weatherspoon was EXCELLENT, He has more leg power than Feagles and can place the ball inside the 20. Sean Weatherspoon also handled an awful snap on the game winning field goal.

    Jaquian Williams was excellent too. and of course Eli Manning played lights out, and got hit 20 times due to poor offensive line play and got up each time and made key throws. If Eli had an offensive line, he would of been setting and shattering records this year, Diehl Boothe Baas Snee and Mckenzie should be ashamed of themselves.

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    Re: Unsung Heroes Last Night

    Sean weatherspoon..... holy moly.

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    Re: Unsung Heroes Last Night

    Sean Weatherspoon?? I hope you are joking and mean Steve Weatherford.

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