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    Giants/Pats week 9 inactives

    Just so when those Pats fans try to tell you it will be a completely different game, they're right........ just not in the way they think.

    Pats- Cunningham (LB), Ellis (DE), Faulk (DE), Fletcher (LB), Mallett (QB), Price (WR), Thomas (OG)

    Giants- Amukamara (CB), Andrews (T), Baas (C), Bradshaw (RB), Brewer (T), Hynoski (FB), Nicks (WR).


    Quick look at the Pats stat line for the regular season shows those inactives didn't do jack.

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    Re: Giants/Pats week 9 inactives

    ha, we beat them without our best RB and best WR

    now, i will say their D is better, Wilfork is a monster at NT and you could argue Baas is a real weakness, so that will be an interesting matchup

    good info, thank u

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    Re: Giants/Pats week 9 inactives

    very very interesting

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