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Thread: 2012 Draft

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    2012 Draft

    Not sure if there is already a post on this subject (probably is).

    I know the season isn't over yet, but after the struggles late last year where do you think the Giants need to strengthen next season.

    For me I think we need to look at RB, TE, ILB and the O-Line.

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    Re: 2012 Draft

    check out the draft forum!

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    Re: 2012 Draft

    Always BPA, but o-line at the top of the list.

    Unfortunately, we may have to think DE again because if Osi is gone, that's only going to leave us with JPP and Tuck. Tuck is always playing hurt. You could bring Kiwi back to the DE, but we need to stop juggling him all over the place.

    I'd love to get an impact ILB, but we got to keep the o-line and d-line strong.

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    Re: 2012 Draft

    Indeed I will, hadn't seen it.


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    Re: 2012 Draft

    OT OT OT OT OT Offensive Tackle!!!!!!!

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    Re: 2012 Draft

    Theres a lot of them.This Message Board probably has the best draft forums of all the team websites. Check out the Film Room theres like 300 videos of players there

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    Re: 2012 Draft

    Thanks, shall have a look.

    Still trying to navigate my way around this site. Doesn't seem to be the easiest imo

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