My prediction was that so long as the 49ers kept doing what they were doing and did not make mistakes, they would win. Sadly, I was correct.

Without the huge, amateurish error by our second string punt returner, the 49ers probably would have won the game 17-10. The offense and the defense basically had the game won, putting up 17 points and only allowing 10, sadly, Kyle Williams blew it, giving up the first two special teams turnovers of the season.

You guys deserved to win that game because your defense really stepped up and played beyond the ability they were showing through the regular season and nobody on the Giants made any mistakes. We played sloppy on special teams, our coach made a rare mistake allowing Williams to stay in the game after twice showing poor judgement.

While the outcome was disappointing (being defeated by your own player's amateurish mistakes is a much more bitter pill to swallow than simply being outplayed) it was a great game and I am looking forward to a rematch next season. Good luck in the Super Bowl.