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thanks for the good luck but I have a problem with most of what you say.</p>

Too bad about the breaks.* Didn't your team beat NO that way with 5 turnovers?* Didn't you win most of your games because of great turnover ration? Did you ever call for a replay of the last play in 2002 playoff game?* When Rich Seubert was mugged but no interference.</p>

I view the fumble as a*great play by J. Williams.* Your guy didn't just fumble without being touched like Jerry Rice did one playoff game.* Williams knocked the ball out of his hands. Give some credit where credit due.</p>[/quote]

You know, I do hope the NFL reviews the supposed non-fumble just because it seemed to be a bad call and if that is the case, I hope the NFL does something to prevent such a bad call from being made in the future (maybe make it reviewable).* Even if the NFL does rule that that should have been called a fumble I am not going to get too upset because it was a tough play to call and not a blatant mistake by the refs.* What I am upset about was our backup punt returner and the poor judgement he showed.*

Williams mistakes were inexcusable.* The first big turnover was not even in any way attributable to the Giants.* That was 100% on Williams.* It cost us 7 points and the game.

Watch the footage on the overtime fumble that turned the ball over to the Giants in field goal range.* Williams is swinging the ball away from his body while running into coverage.* There is no excuse for that, especially for a team that has given up zero turnovers on special teams all year.* The ball did not pop out on its own, but Williams deserves most of the credit for that fumble.* If it were baseball, it would have earned him an error.*

Maybe the Jets can take him off our hands.* He's getting death threats in the Bay Area and considering he won the NFC Championship for New York, I think he might have a better time there.

What is your specific issue with the forward progress call? The only thing I've heard is that the whistle was "too quick" but I don't think the rulebook has a stipulation for a certain amount of time to pass. Do you disagree that his forward progress was stopped? (He was wrapped up and going backwards)[/quote]

I am hardly an expert, but I have read many who seem to think it was a questionable call, especially considering how they were calling the rest of the game.* I think the issue more or less is not so much the question as to whether or not it should have been called a fumble as the issue that based on the footage, Harbaugh thought it should have been called a fumble and he should have had the opportunity to challenge it.


Read the rule book. Watch the play. Understand.

Your butthurtness is practically busting through my computer screen.