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    Where was Crabtree

    I remember this fool holding out wanting QB type money, I think he lost like 10 games his rookie year, I guess all that Deon Sanders advise has paid off, the kid flat out stinks, he might be fast but has no clue how to run routes, and has hands of stone, he came from a run and shoot system in college that does not translate into the NFL.

    Wonder if SF looks back and wishes they took Nicks, who played more of a pro style offense in college with Butch Davis, goes to show you about all these so called experts, same goes for Cruz, how do teams miss players like this, it seems our scouting department does a fine job of scouting those smaller schools, JPP, Barden "hopefully he pans out", but does not look good when they have you as inactive and Jernigan is playing returning kicks, on another note did you see how Jernigan got alligator arms when Eli passed him he ball over middle where he was going to get the wood from the Safety, his arms got real short, did not see him on the field after that.

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    Re: Where was Crabtree

    i saw him once. I think he had a catch for 3 yards on 3rd and 6

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    Re: Where was Crabtree

    He was entangled in that web for most of the game.

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    Re: Where was Crabtree

    His jersey did not have to go to the wash after the game, that jersey was as clean as a whistle, considering that muddy field,Cruz on the other hand looked like he was hanging out in a hog house, same fore Nicks, hope Nicks has nothing serious with his shoulder though.

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    Re: Where was Crabtree

    he was stuck on webster island

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    Re: Where was Crabtree

    Counting his money

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    Re: Where was Crabtree

    Hanging out with the Little Rascals I think.



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    Re: Where was Crabtree

    He was at Vernon Davis' party

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    Re: Where was Crabtree

    [quote user="Voldamort"]Counting his money[/quote]


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    Re: Where was Crabtree

    the top 2 wr's taken in that draft coulden't hold a candle to any of the other first rd pick wr's taken in that draft(nicks maclin britt and harvin)

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