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    NY Giants v. NE Patriots 2.0

    Has this ever happened before, where two met more than once in the superbowl?...

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    Re: NY Giants v. NE Patriots 2.0

    Yeah. I don't remember all the teams by heart but it's happened.
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    Re: NY Giants v. NE Patriots 2.0

    [quote user="hungrrrry"]Has this ever happened before, where two met more than once in the superbowl?...[/quote]

    Complete list( from yahoo answers anyway lol)

    Super Bowl XLVI will be the sixth rematch in history.

    The first rematch was the Steelers vs Cowboys in X & XIII, Steelers won both.

    The second was the Dolphis vs Redskins in VII & XVII, Dolphins won VII, Redskins won XVII.

    The third was the 49ers vs Bengals in XIX & XXIII, 49ers won both.
    The fourth was the first rematch to take place in consecutive years, the Cowboys vs Bills in XXVII & XXVIII, Dallas won both. (these were the 3rd and 4th straight Super Bowl for BUF, losing them all)

    The fifth was the Steelers vs Cowboys again in XXX, Cowboys won.
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    Re: NY Giants v. NE Patriots 2.0

    I googled it:

    RematchesThe Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Dallas Cowboys in 1976 and 1979, then lost to them in 1996. Four other pairs of teams have been matched twice:

    The Miami Dolphins defeated the Washington Redskins in 1973, then lost in 1983.
    The San Francisco 49ers defeated the Cincinnati Bengals in 1982 and 1989.
    The Dallas Cowboys defeated the Buffalo Bills in 1993 and 1994.
    The New York Giants defeated the New England Patriots in 2008 and will face them again in 2012.


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