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    Halas trophy presentation...

    Just watched it for the first time... I didn't watch it when it first aired 'cuz I had to rush to work that night right after we won. I'm loving this video! It's funny, you got Giants sitting on top of lockers, John Mara calling out Bradshaw, Cruz doing his salsa dance, but hey- I got a couple questions...

    1) Who was that older lady who interrupted Terry when he was about to interview Cruz? Was that Mara's wife? You could see Mara along the side mouthing, "What is she doing?!" when she was telling Terry "You never pick the Giants!" That was funny.

    2) Who was the Giant standing on Terry's right who was wearing white tight pants dancing? Didn't recognize him, but I thought that was pretty funny too.

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    Re: Halas trophy presentation...

    The lady was Ann Mara, Mr. Wellington Mara's widow.

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