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    my thoughts on new HC

    Ever think when we won our first and second SB.Who was coach.BillParcells a DC turned head coach.When we won our last SB wasnt it the D that put us in that situation?Who was DC .Spags .What im saying is that I think our next HC should be that of a DC because as they say defense wins superbowls.If we could get a DC like spags back I would be okay with that too but I think we need a OC with more inginuity than Gilbride.I would not mind keeping TC or Spags as HC as long as we get another OC also.We definitley need a combination of those to happen.IMO.
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    Re: my thoughts on new HC

    For a moment, forget about it from the Giants' perspective and think about it from the candidate's perspective. If the job is open (i.e., TC is either fired or retires), the head coaching position of the New York Football Giants is the most coveted position in the NFL. For any one interested in coaching in the NFL, this is at the top of the list. The Giants will have their pick of all potential candidates. Everyone else will settle.


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