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funny the difference in the franchise fan bases:</P>

if we played and called the game like SF did, this board would have BLOWN UP and wanted Coughlin's head on a pike for the mistakes.</P>

it's the exact opposite over there.* They're so much gushing man-love for Harbaugh they can't bring themselves to admit that while he had a great season, his stupidity lost them that game.</P>[/quote]

It is like Haraugh has a reality distortion field and has his acolytes drinking his kool aid and then some. His whiney "OMG" face that he makes on every call against the 49ers will grow more tired than Rex Ryan's bluster.

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49ers are the worst fans that I've ever encountered on the boards.* They just sounded like ignorant thugs.</P>

Harbaugh should have kept running the ball.* He had a great season and he's going to win a SB with that team soon, but his decisions help cost him this game.* </P>[/quote]

Yeah man. I don't remember them being such d-bags akin to Philthy fans. I guess they've been dormant so long.

Also, it is some of the crap they say which is just nonsensical and asinine.

"The Giants are a historically crappy franchise." "The Giants organization has no class like the 49ers." "The Giants have the refs on their payroll." Lol.

I am a Giants fan, but I can tell you objectively that we get screwed byt the officials a lot more than not. A lot more.

They forget, we owed them big time for the 2002 debacle. Debt paid in full.