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Thread: Superstitious?

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    G Men Shirt, black jordan shorts, red boxers, Giants hat, Scarf, Fuzzy Slippers, Corona with Giants stein, daughter in Eli jersey, listen to a little Jay Z, watch the Al Pacino speach from Any Given Sunday via Kase-1 before kickoff and also talk to him, everyone sits in the same spots, toasted bread with moz and tomato at half time, All In towel waiving on any 3rd or 4th down, continue to drink and scream at the TV until win. Then probably cry when we beat the Patriots.

    Maybe it's over the top a little, but it's working. lol

    ALL IN

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    Re: Superstitious?

    Check out the gnome thread. It's hilarious.

    But for me, it's Giants hat, Jacobs Jersey, Sweatshirt hoodie on my son. Although i might switch it up and wear the Shockey jersey - it's what I wore in 2007.

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    Re: Superstitious?

    That thread is funny.

    No Shockey jersey! lol

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    Re: Superstitious?

    Christmas is still up. Tellya anything.

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    Re: Superstitious?

    MattMeyerBud still has his Giants Xmas tree up to.

    I love it!!!

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