[quote user="nycsportzfan"][quote user="TheEnigma"]My ideal situation would be for Ryan Tannehill to still be around at 32 and to hope that one of the teams who couldn't land Luck or Griffin make a trade with us

Trading out of the first and getting more picks could go a long way.

Edit: Just looked it up on the value chart. Could swap our 1st for another team's early 2nd and get their 4th rounder as well.[/quote] All we'd get was a 4th?* I'd think we'd at least get a 3rd rder for giving up our 1st rder..** I guess if its only 3-4 picks** I woulden't mind a 4th** but if were trading down 10spots or whatever**** I'd expect a extra 3rd for sure
[/quote]That's what the value chart says. I've gone to at least three different sites and they all have the same values.

#32 overall is 590 points. Lets say that Washington doesn't get a QB in the 1st and decides not to reach for Ryan Tannehill.

They have #39 overall which is 510 points. So they still need to compensate us 80 points to move up. Their 3rd is worth 235 points which is too much but their 4th is worth 88 points. That 8 point difference allows them to get their guy and possible future franchise QB.

Of course, many things could happen. Someone might reach for Tannehill in the 1st which is what I expect will happen or we could get better value from that 32 spot if there are a few teams wanting that pick. Lots of things my friend!