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[quote user="Bettinggame"]admit it you guys got lucky, you couldnt move the ball in the 2nd half, and the only times you were only able to score in the 2nd half were the KW gifts.[/quote]</P>


The Giants have had their fair share of gut wrenching losses thoughout the years in the playoffs.* It happens.* The difference is the Giants and their fans showed some class in defeat.* Same can't be said for the 49ers and their fans.* I guess that's whats happen when you are so irrelevant for so long.* </P>[/quote]

Troy I didn’t know you were a NY Giants fan. I thought you were a lying creep.

Folks stop feeding the 49er trolls. They are going to cry and cry and nothing is going to stop that. They are the lowest fans in NFL.

I bELIeve.