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Thread: We'll win

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    We'll win

    I'm pretty hammered right now...but im pretty sure we'll win....commence the cursing

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    Re: We'll win

    Nice prediction.

    I hope you don't have any money or valuable items on that.

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    Re: We'll win

    god bless

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    Re: We'll win

    Na we wont.

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    Re: We'll win

    If we're not good enough to compete against the Packers than we might as well just get what we can from this season to prepare for next year. The goal is the Super Bowl. The playoffs don't matter if we're not in the class to advance to and win the Super Bowl. Even a "good game" or close loss will put us 2 behind Dallas if the beat the Cards. That means we have to run the table beating Dallas twice and the Jets with a very motivated Plax. So the Playoffs are still in play with a loss but if we're not good enough to go all the way who cares?

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    Re: We'll win

    giants and 7 points doesnt seem too bad to me. (also drank tonight)

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    Re: We'll win

    well that would just be great

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    Re: We'll win

    We will win!

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    Re: We'll win

    I'm going to the game, I'll be loud. "Any given Sunday" folks and that's why the games are played.
    Just when I don't think it can get any worse, I think of you Ray. I have been to the abyss....thank you for helping me stay positive.

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    Re: We'll win

    I don't see how they will keep within 20 points of Green Bay.

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