I distribute and sell hydroponic and homebrew supplies right now. I have reoccuring customers. Homebrew customers, typically monthly. Hydroponic customers, bi-weekly.

A guy who comes in bi-weekly for the hydro side always wears his 49er jacket. We got talking about the game, and I'm not being a ******. I'm at work. I'm trying to sell this guy stuff, and he ALWAYS makes a big order. Because he's a ****ing criminal, already.

I told him I wasn't surprised to see the game come down to special teams, but was surprised that the niners botched it on special teams. That it wasn't one guys mistake, but the eleven on the field at that time.

Luckily, my regional manager was in house at the time. The marine, who always carries a pistol on him. Because this same customer had a pistol on him, as well, and he drew it on me for simply making analysis of the game with him. All year long, I had been speaking about niners games, and how well they have been playing.

It's too bad that I won't be making 6,000 dollars worth of orders for him per month anymore. But it's also kind of good that I'm not dead. Especially since I have a super bowl to celebrate in another couple of weeks.

There are some pretty terrible fans out there.