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    Anyone headed to Indy?

    I was thinking of going up there to maybe tailgate the game at least, but have never been to a Superbowl before. RUmor has it you need a ticket to even get into the parking lot. I can't seem to find out any sort of information on this, anyone have any ideas? Know if there will be RV's with TVs floating around up there?

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    Re: Anyone headed to Indy?

    Check your original thread.

    The SB Village will have bars and TV's everywhere....it's a 3 block party.....seeing the game won't be an issue.

    Everything you need to know: http://www.indianapolissuperbowl.com/

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    Re: Anyone headed to Indy?

    yeah i was trying to find my original thread but for some reason its not showing up on my posts page..weirdness. I blame the Pats.

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    Re: Anyone headed to Indy?

    We are taking two campers and parking in the RV lot on Washington St.. We don't have tickets yet but are probably going to try and get them!

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    Re: Anyone headed to Indy?

    well if anyone needs food and beer I'll be packing and would be willing to contribute to any tailgates

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