Round 1

Janoris Jenkins CB North Alabama

There is too much uncertainty i the secondary going into next season. We have TT coming off injury and without a contract, Justin Tryon who we signed also coming off injury, Bruce Johnson might never be tha same again after his injury, Brian Witherspoon looked good in camp but suffered an ACL tear and never got to show his stuff, and then there is Micheal Coe. And when picking at 32 you have to try to get the biggest possible bang for your buck.

Round 2

Andre Branch DE Clemson

With Osi most likely being gon and Reese being a Man who puts a premium on pass rusher, Branch is a kid who possesses size (6'5) burst and balance as a run an pass guy.

Round 3

Ryan Broyles WR Oklahoma

Manningham will likely be looking for a big paycheck and will go for greener pastors so the Giants select Broyles who is a all around receiver. he runs goo routes, can play the slot and outside, has great hand, and can make people miss.

Round 4

Philip Blake C Baylor

Throughout 2011, Blake was an excellent pass protector for Robert Griffin III, and opened up holes in the ground game for running back Terrance Ganaway. Blake is a good athlete for his size. He has the strength to push tackles aside and surprising quickness to hit blocks on linebackers. For the past two years, Blake has been the starter at center, having begun his collegiate career at tackle. To close out 2011, he had a lot of success going against Washington Huskies defensive tackle Alameda Ta'amu in the Alamo Bowl. The Baylor Bears were able to have a massive game on the ground to the tune of 482 yards. In the NFL, Blake would probably fit best in a power man blocking scheme.

Round 5

Harrison Smith SS Notre Dame

Very intelligent player that is usually in the right place at the right time. Grant will most likely retire after this year leaving a hole in the secondary that needs to be filled.

I didn't put a lineman in their because I feel that Reese will either let one of the young guys on the roster (Petrus, Brewer) work into the role or address it in the FA. Linebacker was also avoided for the same reason. the coaches were content with Goff heading into the season and with young guys like Williams, Herzlich, Jones, and Paysinger, that if any LB was added it would be either a FA vet or a URFA.