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Thread: Cordy Glenn

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    Cordy Glenn

    Thats a bad man right their. watching the practices the last couple days and he is dominating at Guard AND Right and Left Tackle. He has Handled Coples, Upshaw, and has split with Ingram.

    I'd be damn happy if we drafted this kid 6'5 346 with dancers feet.

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    Re: Cordy Glenn

    Works for me

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    Re: Cordy Glenn

    If asked to play on the outside, he looked better on the right, though he still should be a G.

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    Re: Cordy Glenn

    Anyone who can line up at multiple positions along the line is a guy the Giants will take a good look at, Im sure.

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    Re: Cordy Glenn

    Im not so sure he fits what the giants look for on the OL.

    They generally have looked at smaller size prospects (weight wise).

    They like guys who can get out and move in space more than they like those classic oversized mauler types. At least thats what I see.

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    Re: Cordy Glenn

    Things can change.

    The way Giants currently operate in the passing game would probably overrule faster lineman who can get into the second level of run blocking. Almost looks like the occasional Run'N Shoot offense with Cruz needing time to find the soft spot in coverage.

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