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Thread: NFL Replay

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    NFL Replay

    I was in SF on Sunday and so this is the first chance I have had to see the game on TV.

    The weather was much worse in the stadium than it appears on TV. The place was darker than it looks on TV. The noise was as loud as any place I have ever been - they really picked up the volume in the second half.

    That they only went offsides once and had no turnovers is unbelievable.

    I was in the end zone and had the all 22 view. That defense is isk in terms of speed and laying the lumber.

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    Re: NFL Replay

    NFL Replay really shows how much of a whiney B*tch Harblow really is.....Had some respect for him until he showed his true colors since THE GIANTS BEAT THEM!!!

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    Re: NFL Replay

    That field has to the very worst in the league- in the old days the 49ers would run routes onto dry patches the defenders didn't know existed.
    Playing outside is awesome, if the grass can handle an NFL game it great- if it's akin to a middle school field it's not up to professional standards get some turf.

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    Re: NFL Replay

    Tonight they are showing the Nov.6 games vs The Patriots in Foxboro

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