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Thread: Jim Rome on Eli

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    Jim Rome on Eli

    This was Rome's take after the Divisional game; I loved what he said and thought I'd share it here. It applies just as well to the Championship Game and hopefully will apply no less in 2 weeks:

    "Eli Manning wonít say itÖso Jim Rome will say it for him. How do you like the little brother now?? Iíve seen some ruthless Qb performances in my timeÖbut Eli going into Lambeau and ripping hearts outÖagainÖ.is right up there. I expected him to play well. But I didnít expect him to do that and honestly, Iím sure Green Bay didnít either. Because there wasnít a play he couldnít make or a pass he couldnít lace. And he had his most success when the Packers had set him up to fail: third and long. 3rd and 8? Easy. First down. 3rd and 11? Challenge me. First down. Sneak attack, Hail Mary to twist the knife at the end of the first half. Cake. Make no mistake, after Tim Tebow, Eli Manning might be the nicest guy in America. But know this; heís also one of the most vicious guys in the NFL. Yeah I said it.

    And if youíre still clinging to the image of Eli Manning as an aww shucks, dopey little brother who lucked his way into a ring, youíre just not paying attention. Because when that down marker flips to Ď3í, E flips to kill mode. And the second he goes onto the frozen tundra, he owns it. Thatís his house now. He didnít win Sunday because the Ol Gunslinger threw the game away. He won because he was the best player on the field. I didnít clown him when he said he was elite. And if you did, heís clowning you now. Thereís no throw he canít make. Thereís no game he canít win. Iíve said it before and Iíll say it again right now: you canít spell elite, without E-L-IÖ."

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    Re: Jim Rome on Eli

    all i can say is WOOOOOOOOOOO!

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    Re: Jim Rome on Eli

    He owns the Frozen Tundra, and let's not forget he also owns a place in Texas, too. Now if he would quit subletting in NJ, & realize THAT'S his place, too.

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    Re: Jim Rome on Eli

    Jim Rome, keeping it real.

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    Re: Jim Rome on Eli

    First time I ever liked Jim Rome.

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    Re: Jim Rome on Eli

    [quote user="JJC7301"]First time I ever liked Jim Rome.[/quote]


    Wow. Shocked.

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    Re: Jim Rome on Eli

    Jim Rome is a blowhard

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    Re: Jim Rome on Eli

    [quote user="YATittle1962"]Jim Rome is a blowhard[/quote]

    I don't know, I think he's more like the Fonz and Harooni merged into one...

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    Re: Jim Rome on Eli

    This gave me chills, awesome.

    Rudy was my side chick.

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    Re: Jim Rome on Eli

    [quote user="Drystt"]This gave me chills, awesome.

    Gave me chills too when I heard/saw it on his show last week.
    Sure you either like or hate his style; I've been liking it more as the years
    go by...

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