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    This GIANTS crowd!

    I think this game will be won by the fans. They have to be the loudest in years to drown out the Packers play calling. That and a few other things which need to fall in our favor. How about some decent yardage on our return team.
    We need to see the defense get a few good hits on Rogers to make him think. The guy is good, really good but we need him to make mistakes and get to his head early. They need defense schemes we haven't seen before.
    And of coarse some luck!
    "There is winning and there is Misery"

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    Re: This GIANTS crowd!

    You would figure the fans would roll out and boo a lot of the times for this team, especially the way this team has played.

    Hopefully that is not the case.

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    Re: This GIANTS crowd!

    I won't be at the game but it's really up to the Giants, especially the D to give the crowd something to cheer about EARLY!!

    The crowd wants to go nuts and they will if they have the slightest reason. The place will explode if they sack Rogers on the first series.


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    Re: This GIANTS crowd!


    COME ON!!



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