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    Re: Schiano 2 Bucs

    Cristobal not coming and Rutgers sucks again

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    Re: Schiano 2 Bucs

    [quote user="T-Diddy"]Rutgers on the map?really? I live 10 minutes from the stadium and golf and womens volleyball is talked about more than rutgers football.......guy had a shot at the nfl and u want him to stay at rutgers?no way........no way[/quote]

    Ok, my point is/ was that History shows that most of the time a College Coach jumping to the NFL typically ends disastrously.

    Rutgers had been a blip, that's all. But the relative, that is relative, success that Schiano had with them in a span of what? 4 or 5 years (Bowl Games) could have been the start to something big.

    With all the conference re-structuring and what not, in some ways the Big East was open game. (though there are some rumors to joining the ACC)

    anyway, I think Schiano going to TB is a mistake.

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