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Thread: how would you rank the RB's?

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    how would you rank the RB's?

    how would you rank David Wilson, Chris Polk and Lamar Miller?
    who do you want to be a a Giant if Jacobs does not return next season.
    what are their strengths and weaknesses.

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    Re: how would you rank the RB's?

    Doug Martin is becoming a fan favorite......
    I'm all for Martin or Polk....I think Wilson & miller will come off the board too soon

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    Re: how would you rank the RB's?

    It is a very good RB class in my opinion.

    TR(not gonna happen)
    David Wilson
    Lamar Miller.
    Isaiah Pead
    Doug Martin
    LaMichael James
    Bernard Pierce
    Vick Ballard
    Daniel Harron
    Tauren Poole

    As I stated in the other thread, my darkhorse guy for the entire draft is RB Darrel Scott from USF.

    I am not liking what I hear from the Senior bowl regarding Chris Polk. When you hear people say his body looks soft as well as his running style, it raises eyebrows. There havent been too many good things said about him, that's dispointing.

    there are other guys too, i just havent had a chance to see much of em so I am reserving judgement.

    Chris Rainey's speed will garner him interest in late rounds for sure, but I find him very 1 dimensional and his character concerns worry me.

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    Re: how would you rank the RB's?

    This is how I would rate the guys I'm paying attention to:
    Trent Richardson
    David Wilson/Lamar Miller
    Doug Martin
    Vick Ballard
    LaMichael James / Bernard Pierce
    Tauren Poole
    Bryce Brown

    I rate Ballard higher than he probably should be simply because I've watched him play so much and just became a fan of the guy.

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