Blocking. In the Giants' victory over the 49ers, Manning was sacked six times, hurried 11 times and knocked down 19 times in 64 dropbacks. Giants coach Tom Coughlin has done a great job of patching the offensive line, and you knew there were going to have problems against the 49ers' tough front seven. Manning wasn't sacked in the first Patriots game but he was hit eight times. The Giants will have to control <FONT color=#225fb2>Mark Anderson</FONT>, who is the Patriots' top remaining pass-rushing defensive end. He had 10 sacks during the regular season. They will have problems handling Wilfork, whom the Ravens couldn't control. To have success, the Giants might have to pound big running back <FONT color=#225fb2>Brandon Jacobs</FONT> into the line to wear down the Patriots, who run a 4-3. </P>