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He's under 5'10''. Too small.

[/quote] So is Rhonde Barber...[/quote]Go tell Asante Samuel he's too small. I really believe in Janoris Jenkins & think he will excel in the NFL.
[/quote]To small for the Giants he means not to small for the NFL.The Giants are the tallest NFL team on Defense and its not an accident The Giants are on the average 6' 3 1/2 while the league average is 6' 1 1/2[/quote] u too...when are u gonna do a mock?[/quote]Whole NFL mocks or Giant mocks.I dont like doing mocks because they change so much between now and draft day it seems like im wasting my time filling out 2 rounds of players that I know wont be in the same spot after FA.Sportzfan enjoys doing them he puts them up all the time.Probably wont start doing full ones till after the combine at least.[/quote]

i hear ya..i feel that we will target oline in the first but with them picking so late its hard to tell this year what will be there.