[quote user="Neverend"][quote user="bLuereverie"]I think the only "physically freak" thing about Barden was his height.[/quote]

Agreed. The guy has no speed, quickness, or burst. Vastly overrated[/quote]

I fail to see how a mid-rounder who bested Jerry Rice's college production could be over-rated. (by the by, he's also faster than Plax. low 40 of 4.48 vs 4.59). But then again, I never expected him to be the "savior" of the franchise and the only piece missing from a superbowl run.

Unless we're saying he's overrated because he couldn't crack a top 3 that featured two of the 3 best receivers in the team's 87 year history... after a bad ankle injury, in an offense that demands chemistry with not only the QB, but every other member of the offense.

But then I don't remember anyone calling him a bust or overrated when he made tough, physical, possibly game deciding 3rd down catches when Nicks was out.

'Rio will likely be gone this offseason, and Barden will likely step up to he 3rd receiver slot. Lets see what he does when given a legitimate shot.