Some things to keep in mind and consider with an offense like this. Even though some may say that the offense is based on Tightends I want to remind people that Tom has and will spread the ball around. Although that offense "features" their tightends which are two of the best in the game, he can and will spread the ball around. There are plenty of weapons, and fire power and he never and I mean NEVER has back to backsubpar performances. Not to mention that runninggame which was not present last Superbowl, with the underrated battering ram BenJarvus Green-Ellis who gashed Baltimore's linebackers and the elusive potential game changing Danny Woodhead who can create havoc both in the passing and running game, there is a reason that offense is in the big danceand quiet a few more things to look out for....</P>

- Bill Belichick will have a great offensive and defensive game plan</P>

- Tom Brady is the best in the game and perhaps the best this game has ever seen.</P>

- Wes Welker although may seem like he dissappears, he still makes his key grabs and is still untouchable.</P>

- Deion Branch is sneaky, and can still get open.. have to be careful with him</P>

- Chad Ochocinco is coming off of a family death, and has been regarded as one of the best wide receivers of his generation. Although he has been quiet thus far, his talent and ability cannot be questioned and MUST and I mean MUST be taken seriously. </P>

- Rob Gronkowski is too big, too fast, too strong, too smart with great hands and is the best tightend in the NFL. He will get his grabs bar none.</P>

- Aaron Hernandez is fast, versatile, has great speed, very good hands and can play some X. He can line up in the runningback position and he too will make hisplays.</P>

- Julian Edelman is another one that although plays both sides of the ball can be very effective in both the slot and the backfield. He can mimick Wes Welker very well and got open on a few plays during the post season thus far. His elusiveness and YAC ability must be taken seriously as he can make you miss with the best of them.</P>

- BenJarvus Green-Ellis runs hard, tough, patient and can wear a defense down, he is extremely underrated and never fumbles the ball. Danny Woodhead on the other side is what I call an X-Factor because he can beat you in both the passing and running game with his quickness, elusiveness, visionand solid hands. (Also don't discount Kevin Faulk RB/WR, and Stevan Ridley)</P>

- And last but not least, Logan Mankins, Brian Waters and Matt Light have elevated the play ofthe offensive line and will keep Tom clean as much as they can. They are huge, very smart and work well together. They made it very hard for guys like Von Miller and Terrell Suggs to get through to Tom...</P>

So with all of that being said,thisin myopinion will betoo much for many. </P>