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[quote user="miked1958"]Just checked listing for SB next weekend and didn't see anything about all that firepower of Jennings, Nelson, driver, Finley , Crabtree, grant, Rodgers even playing in SB?[/quote]</P>

Rob Gronkowski alone is better than any receiver they have, hell he's the best tightend in the NFL, and quiet possibly the best we've ever seen.</P>

Aaron Hernandez is better than any tightend they have, he is explosive, fast, can play X and he can run the ball.</P>

Wes Welker is overall better than Jennings, and still great in the slot.* He is a top 5 best wide receiver is also better than every last one of their receivers.* And he can still take a screen and run it for about 10 to 15 yards. </P>

Deion Branch though not mentioned with the stars, is a superbowl MVP, a very precise and detailed route runner and knows how to get open with sneaky quickess .. and he can beat you deep if you'r e not careful.* He's also pretty clutch as well.</P>

They also don't have an elusive allpurpose pass catching threat out of the backfield like Danny Woodhead.* He can be a potential game changer, remember 2010.* Not to mention Kevin Faulk who though is older, is still capable of doing some of the same.</P>

Chad Ochocinco though quiet is not injured, is healthy as when on can outplay just about everybody with MAYBE the exception of Greg Jennings.**If*he gets going, then he has to be doubled.*</P>

Julian Edelman can do his best Wes Welker imitations, with even more elusiveness making 5 yard screens into 10 to 20 yard runs and can also take handoffs, reverses and things of that nature.</P>

BenJarvus Green-Ellis is a pound-it out hardnosed runner who's patient, with good vision and can wear a defense down never fumbling with solid hands out of the backfield and Stevan Ridley brings his dynamics as well.* GreenBay has nothing like that.</P>

And Tom Brady is not only the best Quarterback in the league, but is the greatest quarterback of all time.</P>

So these guys are here in the big dance for a reason, too much versatility, too deep and can hurt you.</P>[/quote]

at the big dance for a reason huh? lets not forget about the missed chip shot field goal that could have spelled defeat for them in the afc championship. brady even said he was horrible on that day. all the gmen have to do is use that ravens formula or well just let the front 4 get at brady and it will be a LONG day on febuary 5th