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Thread: New England's Offensive Firepower

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    Re: New England's Offensive Firepower

    [quote user="Intellect"]

    [quote user="Denaliman316"]Ocho the best of his generation? Yeah no. So he's better than Jennings, Fitzgerald, Driver, Hines Ward, Santonio Holmes and Andre Johnson? Gimmie a break! Gronks a beast to bring down but look who he has throwing to him hitting him in perfect stride. Now take Jason Witten and look who he has throwing to him, Tony Romo. Look what Green Bays WRs did to Detroit with Matt Flynn throwing. Point is WRs true abilities are measured by how the adapt when their rhythm is thrown off with their QBs. I am not saying your guys aren't good because they are but lets not get carried away. Oh and one last thing. I am so sick and tired of hearing about GBs throws being off due to rust. Rodgers was running for his life and not getting enough on his throws, throwing off his back foot, etc. same goes for Smith and they're scrambling QBs. So don't go nuts.[/quote]</P>


    Bottom line, who are you all going to have to cover all of those receivers.* Mankins, Waters, Light, Solder and Vollmer along with Gronk and Polite will give Tom time.* You have Wes Welker, Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez, Deion Branch, Chad Ochocinco, Julian Edelman, along with Danny Woodhead and Kevin Faulk coming out of the backfield.* Your best corner is Corey Webster and he is not an elite guy, hell Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie got skunked by this group.* You know someone will be one on one which means someone will get open.* Witten is not quiet GRONKowski, Greg Jennings is no Wes Welker, and Rodgers is no Brady... although he had*a great SEASON he is no Tom Brady.* Eli will have to score some points to have a chance. </P>[/quote]

    I guess we should just concede now. You win. There is no way the giants can cover all those guys they have never played a team like the 2011 Patriots. The 2011 Patriots are better offensively than every single team the giants have beaten so far this year which ironically includes the 2011 Patriots who were beaten 24-20...by the giants. But youre right its hopeless for the giants

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    Re: New England's Offensive Firepower

    I think he meant that it will be a shoot out.

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