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Despite all of the 31st defense in the league talk, New England's defense has turned the page in the post season with the return of stars Brandon Spikes and Patrick Chung as well as others. These guys have came up big in the post season thus far and do not look to stop up under Bill Belichick. As much as the offense struggled last game against the Ravens, that defense is what made the game. Brandon Spike's key interception late in the fourth quarter could have potentially put the game away and Vince Wilfork the NFL's best defensive tackle has been a recking force and made his presence felt during that whole game. Other guys like Mark Anderson and Rob Ninkovich have been playing lights out, getting extreme pressure on the QB, whether it is for a sack or rushed throws. Not only that but the play of Sterling Moore, the versatility of Devin McCourty (playing safety as well) and the return of Patrick Chung have all been anything short of tremendous. Just look at the last game and the Lee Evans pass defended. Those are the type of situational plays that Belichick likes to teach. They will get sacks, get their hands up at the line of scrimmage, stuff runs, pressure the quarterback, force fumbles, get interceptions and may key stops in the redzone, that is what they do and their way. KEY PLAYERS to look out for</p>

- Jerod Mayo - considered a top 5 MLB in the NFL</p>

- Brandon Spikes - very instinctive both in the run and coverage with soft hands and animal strength</p>

- Vince Wilfork - NFL's best defensive tackle who does it all</p>

- Mark Anderson - has joined the club of guys like Trent Cole, Jason Babin, and etc.. A lean young but experienced pass rusher who can line up and stand.</p>

- Rob Ninkovich - looks and plays alot of Mike Vrabel, some consider him better.</p>

- Devin McCourty - can play both safety and corner and despite a rough sophmore season, can still make plays on the ball</p>

- Kyle Arrington - league leader in picks</p>

- Patrick Chung - can play at the line of scrimmage and in coverage. Has shown flashes of greatness when healthy and is probably one of the better safeties in the league. Can also play corner when asked.</p>

- Sterling Moore - young player on the rise with very good instincts, versatility, and hands. He is also physical and closes in on the ball. </p>

These guys are good despite what others say, and you know who they are learning from...</p>


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