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Despite Chad Ochocinco's quietness this season, what if he were to explode and put on a great performance in the Superbowl. He is still healthy, older, wiser but can still get down field and can still beat one on one coverage as shown in those few touchdown grabs that he's made this season. And the funny thing is that those touchdowns were supposed to be miscues. So imagine if him and Tom get on the same page and Chad plays his heart out especially since he is in the biggest game of them all and will more than likely be inspired with the death of this father. If he does break out, then double coverage will have to roll his way and that means trouble for the Giants ... This is a very high possibility with nothing to believe that he couldn't. </P>

[/quote] He will be as invisible as the SF WRs were. Lol[/quote]</P>

You better hope so, because if not there is nobody the Giants have to cover him one on one and the Giants can't afford to double him or they'll get eaten alive by someone else.</P>