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    Picture of Eli...

    Ok gurus of the photoshopping here's a tall order. I'm looking for a picture of Eli. It's from the game against the 49rs, in the fourth quarter, and it was when he got up after being absolutely pounded into the ground. He had the presence of mind to call a time out despite his helmet being crooked, with grass on it, his chin strap off and his shoulder pad sticking out. I have to get a pic of that moment because it is the epitome of what Opie represents....true grit. Thanks in advance!


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    Re: Picture of Eli...

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    Re: Picture of Eli...

    I found the vid but can someone get a pic outta the vid? It's at the 10:07 mark...it f'n priceless!
    click here to go to video


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    Re: Picture of Eli...

    [quote user="SweetZombieJesus"]harooni's sig
    [/quote]who he?

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    Re: Picture of Eli...

    I don't always root for the Cowboys but when I do I wear my pink Jessica Simpson edition Romo jersey. (yes I lost a bet)

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    Re: Picture of Eli...

    [quote user="Kruunch"][/quote]

    YOU THE MAN! Great job!

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