It's unreal how giants fans wanted to fire coughlin and fewell over a month ago and now everybody is gushing over them. You are either for your team or you're not.

let's face it....giants are in the superbowl because they got help from the refs on the bradshaw fumble in san fran. Everyother play during the game was played out except that one.

I understand that sometimes you get calls and sometimes you don't, it's just the nature of the game. they mostly even out in the end. But after the giants played the packers both times this year the fans whined and complained about calls that went against them. They even complained about the calls after they WON. But when you got a call your way in san fran you tell niners fans to quit whining. can't have it both ways. if you are getting a call you need to at least admit it.

The more ****y the giants are the more the balance tilts in pats favorite. Brady is going to run a clinic on your secondary with his tightends. Just like alex smith and VD torched it. Eli is not an elite QB. he looked like a pee wee qb against the niners D.