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    Want a good Laugh


    Silly patriots fan thinks we don't belong in the playoffs, though in defense of all the other patriot fans, they are defending us and calling him an idiot.

    Small extract, read the whole thing on their board

    'For the third time since 2007, 3 pretty average teams have found their way into the Super Bowl, with the Giants now twice and Arizona Cardinals a few years back. I don't have a problem with the Giants doing exactly what every other NFL team should be doing as a football team, which is fight tooth and nail to make their way into the Super Bowl when they get that opportunity. That part doesn't bother me and they should be commended for it

    The part that does bother me about this whole deal is that this playoffs system cheats fans, football teams and other players out of seeing the best teams teams at the end and with a shot at the Super Bowl. This is a perfect example of where yes, the Giants were the better team on that day when they played the 49ers and Green Bay. Without a doubt. But there is no way both of those teams wouldn't beat the Giants 8 out of 10 times this year if they faced each other. In fact they both beat them earlier this year and so have the Saints. The Saints dominated the Giants. It wasn't even close. But they never got a chance to face each other in the playoffs
    GB and the 49ers went 1-1 with the Giants counting the playoffs. But the Saints were 1-0, and decisively thrashed the Giants. But because the Giants wins came in the playoffs, they get to advance and the other teams get to go home.

    Those teams don't get an opportunity to try again, and prove that they are in fact better. No 2 out of 3, their initial wins mean nothing. They don't get a second shot. All their hard work in the regular season is for nothing. It's like it almost makes you not wanna try to go 13-3 or 15-1 when you know that in the past 5 years 3 teams that made the super bowl were just average and one of them went on to win it.

    There is no possible way, after watching the playoffs this year, that you can convince me that this Giants team is the best team in the NFC. It wouldn't have bothered me nearly as bad if it was the 13-3 Cowboys that beat the Patriots in 2007. But the truth is any team can beat another team on any given Sunday, and that's exactly what we saw in the 2007 Super Bowl as well as the Divisional rounds and Championship games between the Giants and the 49ers and GB. That doesn't mean however that any team should get that chance. .'

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    Re: Want a good Laugh

    In other words, he is scared.
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    Re: Want a good Laugh

    Just win the game Giants,this is not the best of five or seven? One and done!!! Bring it home GMEN!

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    Re: Want a good Laugh

    perfect gif for that OP
    "...two minute drill at the end of each quarter, Ya'know with the wind like this blowing mooch and marshall into the ocean...If that's behind me I think were getting 3 from 70 so holla at your boy. IF YOU DON"T PICK ME THAT'S A JOKE RIGHT?" - Justin Tucker, Ravens kicker

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    Re: Want a good Laugh

    By that reasoning, the Patriots don't belong there either because we beat them. Or better yet, just give the Giants the trophy because we already beat them.

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    Re: Want a good Laugh

    [quote user="Rudyy"]In other words, he is scared.[/quote]

    +1 ...LOL really, he wrote a whole freakin' book just to say
    " i'm skeered ! "

    what a maroon.
    due to the fact that I am from the Woodstock generation ...
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    Re: Want a good Laugh

    Someone needs to move this thread to smack talk, pronto. Been following this. His original premise of a different playoff format changing the exciting one and done format so appealing to NFL fans was interesting at the outset, but failed miserably when put to the test of justification and application to NFL teams. Even other Pats fans have called him a troll in their own forum and have defended Giants' right to be in the playoffs. He erroneously manipulates stats, ignores the rules of the NFL as to how the game and "best" is defined, ignores thoughtful logical rebuttals offered by other Pats fans and rambles on and on with self-contradictory statements. He is his own greatest fan.

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    Re: Want a good Laugh

    I've been reading their boards and the minute I saw that thread I knew it was buy "PatriotsSeven". Lol that guy is such a clueless yahoo. Basically every ridiculous thread on there is by him.

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    Re: Want a good Laugh

    lol that guy is just plain dumb. I read through about 12 pages, it boiled down to he's unhappy that the mighty Pats have to face "another mediocre Giants team".

    The dude is completely cracked. Someone should tell him that they lost in 07.

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    Re: Want a good Laugh

    This isn`t fricken baseball where the teams get all kinds of chances,playing over and over again.

    This is Pro Football.

    Giants don`t deserve a chance ??




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