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I've booked up for a trip over the pond in December to see the Giants play the Cowboys, I've read a lot of other threads and got most things sorted, got tickets for the game (lower tier off the Giants direct with no resellers mark up, which I was pretty happy about) and read all the advice about getting the train out from manhattan I just had a couple of questions if anyone could help (other than how the hell your supposed to pronounce secaucus!)

Obviously with no roof over the stands at MetLife if it rains I'll expect to get wet but just how cold is it in December? How warm do you have to wrap up? And does the wind whistle around inside the ground making it feel colder?

Final question, I was looking at tailgating before the game, as it's not something we do over here (the NFL do a corporate sanitised version at the international series but your not allowed to park there or bring your own food/drinks, it's basicly an outdoor bar if anyone's heading over to twickenham) does anyone have any experience with the paid for tailgate parties like the fan van?
best way to get from manhattan to the stadium if you haven't found out already, Port Authority Bus Terminal and take an Express Bus to East Rutherford ($12 two way).

first time for me at the new Giants stadium was just last week against the eagles. new stadiums are always nice but we always end up paying for it somehow. since moving ive seen a handful of giants away games... seatlle 2010, san diego 2013, but the best "stadium wise" was dallas in 09 and the game wasn't bad either. i know they have to share the stadium but they could've had a few more Giants pictures and the history at the concession stands like they do at the new yankee stadium.