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agreed that would have been interesting but dont know about fairley being there still or would he have been? where did detroit pick?[/quote]

Lions picked 13th. After them, possibly the rams could have taken Fairley, but they needed a DE too, so Quinn could have been their guy the entire time. After the Rams there was really nobody else who needed a 3 tech.

Had the dolphins, skins, pats, and chargers, all essentially 3-4 teams who need guys who can two gap. Pats could have potentially taken him, but I doubt they would have.[/quote]Luiget was an ideal 3T, but the Chargers took him as a 5T. I'm sure they would have taken Fairley if he was there.[/quote]

i love how there are all these names for techs these days...it used to be called head up or outside shoulder of whichever o-llinemen..people like liguet who purely shoot the gap are lame..are there any head up players these days?