[quote user="lawl"][quote user="allentown PA"][quote user="lawl"]Latest I heard, she expects a DE to be our first rd pick.

It seems like the talent level won't really match up for that to happen at the end of the first. But who knows who will fall and who will rise.[/quote]

i read that she said that too but I think I also read she said with them picking so late it will be hard to tell which way they go...ur actually good at predicting what they do too if I recall from last year.[/quote]
I think after all the analysis, all of us here tend to have a good idea of what we want the giants to do and what we actually think the giants will do.

I never watch much college ball or highlights so I tend to rely on the people here to clue me in to the positional strengths in the draft and relative idea of draft position and go from there.

I definitely wanted a corner and dt in the first two rounds last year, but I was thinking we'd get a dt in the first as I really didnt think prince or Peterson was falling to us.

This year is a weird one and I won't have even close to an idea as to what I want us to do early on until much closer to the draft when most of the dust has settled.

A versatile OLman, dt, corner de or TE is what im debating as wanting as our first rounder. Like I said, long way to go[/quote]

agreed its very hard to tell with such a late pick