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    Re: Eli > Flacco and Tebow

    "pretty sure the niners beat themselves too"

    Keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel good....

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    Re: Eli > Flacco and Tebow

    [quote user="EliBlowsCruz"][quote user="SweetZombieJesus"]Yeah there was a Pat fan caller on Sirius yesterday saying the Giants played the "dysfunctional" Jets and Cowboys and that's why they aren't impressive and will lose to the Pats 45-10.

    Hey jackhole, how about shutting out the Falcons, and beating the 15-1 Packers and 13-3 49ers?

    And who did the Pats beat? The Tebows and a Raven team that had the winning TD dropped.
    [/quote]kinda like the Gnats winning because of fumbles to a team led by alex smith[/quote]

    Fumbles they CAUSED by knocking out the ball, right? It's not like it was an accident where the ball came out by itself, untouched, right? Kind of the opposite of how Cundiff's chip shot was not blocked by the Pats but simply screwed up with no input from the Pats whatsoever. Even everyone on the Pats sideline was shocked.
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